Individual contributors

We sincerely appreciate the support from individuals donating to this project.

We want to pay special attention to our donors. Anyone making a donation via the web site, cash, PayPal or by check will receive The Insider newsletter, keeping them informed of our project's progress and letting them see what goes on behind the scenes.
Furthermore, any person donating US $50 or more to our Ducie Island DXpedition, will have the QSL automatically sent for all QSOs, free of charge. These donors do not need to request QSL cards or take any action to redeem the QSL. Our QSL manager will post these cards to all $50 donors as soon as the cards are ready.
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Callsign First name Last name Country Date
N1IBM Morris Maze USA 2017-12-10
AK5Q Mickey Driver USA 2017-12-10
W2GW John Reiser USA 2017-12-08
7L2CDG yasunori kameyama Japan 2017-12-08
W7BC Richard Howard USA 2017-12-08
YL2GM Yuris Petersons Latvia 2017-12-07
JO7GVC Takao Nakanishi Japan 2017-12-06
JI1MNT Jun Watanabe Japan 2017-12-04
RA9CMO Igor Khrennikov Russian Federation 2017-12-04
AF6PK James Kinney USA 2017-12-04
K4SBZ Stan Zawrotny USA 2017-12-03
N5AQ William Roberson USA 2017-12-03
ND8X Mark Blau USA 2017-12-02
JH1RVQ Koichi Hayashi Japan 2017-12-02
AI9Q Wayne Schuler USA 2017-12-01
W7AO Russ Wicker USA 2017-12-01
TG9AJR Juan C. Munoz USA 2017-12-01
K7KB John Gager USA 2017-12-01
K2KA Richard Ferry USA 2017-12-01
K6SIK Bill Franzwa USA 2017-12-01
W4KK Ken Keyseear USA 2017-12-01
W5MJ Madison Jones USA 2017-12-01
W7TUS Michael Casey USA 2017-12-01
EU1KY Yury Kuchura Belarus 2017-12-01
HB9IQB Perikles Monioudis Switzerland 2017-12-01
HK3W Siso Hennessey USA 2017-12-01
EA5CI Vicente Gutierrez Spain 2017-12-01
K5GS Gene Spinelli USA 2017-11-30
G3XHZ JOHN FARRER United Kingdom 2016-10-16
G4ZWY Steven Icke United Kingdom 2016-09-22
VE3NI Daniel Goodier Canada 2016-09-02
VK3VT Greg Williams Australia 2016-08-24
ANONYMOUS Russian Federation 2016-08-23
W1KMA Chris Kilpert USA 2016-08-21
VK6WX Wesley Beck Australia 2016-08-17
W0SZ Steve Zumbrun USA 2016-08-17
W2LO Mike Mattes USA 2016-08-04
RA9CMO Igor Khrennikov Russian Federation 2016-05-21
N1RR Charles Morrison USA 2016-05-20
N4II Edgar Callaway USA 2016-05-20
MM0EAX Dave Thomson United Kingdom 2016-05-20
OZ1CTK Boye Christensen Denmark 2016-05-18
UA3AP Sergei Kulyov Russian Federation 2016-05-17
OE3GCU Guenther Schoedl Austria 2016-05-17
ANONYMOUS Germany 2016-05-13
W9EWZ Robert Urban USA 2016-05-13

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