How to work with us

We want you in our log, so please help us by following these guidelines.

All island communications will be via the Pilots. Do not send e-mails to the team, they will not be seen.

1If you cannot hear us, please don't call. Wait until propagation and conditions favor your QTH for one or more of the Bands / Modes.

2Unless you hear otherwise from the Operator, we will ALWAYS be operating in SPLIT MODE throughout the DXpedition.

3Listen to the Operator for RX frequencies (e.g., "up 5 to 10", or "listening on 7.155", etc.)

4You have two ears and one mouth, so please try to listen more, talk less. Be patient.

5During SSB pileups, please use common phonetics, do NOT call continually without listening or call over a station being worked.

6During ALL pileups, listen for YOUR call on the comeback. Trust that we have two good ears.

7We're not impressed by those who add to the QRM by constantly calling out of turn.

8Please do not Tune Up on any of our TX frequencies or any of our RX slots!

9If we ask for "EU" only or "QRP only" or any other specific request, please QRX.

10Resist those "insurance" QSOs. We want to maximize unique QSOs, not Dupes.

11Whenever possible, we will try to listen in the General portion of the band.

12Do not repeat our call sign, we know it.

Remember: We want you in our log. Please help us get you there.
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