Press Release #5

18. 06. 20

For Immediate Release
Press Release #5
June 14, 2018

VP6D Ducie Island 2018 DX-pedition

The VP6D – Ducie Island 2018 project is on schedule. At Visalia and Dayton we had the pleasure of meeting many of our supporters and equipment sponsors, including: DX Engineering, Elecraft, SteppIR and Arlan Communications (RadioSport headsets). Several of team attended Europe’s Ham Radio event conducted at Friedrichshafen, Germany where we met with corporate, EU club and foundation sponsors, many EU DXers and other DX-pedition operators.

Joining the Pilot Team is Mason KM4SII from Clemmons, South Carolina. Mason, an avid DXer, is 15 years old. In 2017 he operated from Iceland as TF/KM4SII, in July 2018 he will operate from Curacao as PJ2/KM4SII. Mason will work with NA and Chief Pilot Glenn KE4KY.

Joining our list of corporate sponsors is Rig Expert Ukraine Ltd ( Rig Expert is a recognized leader in the development, production and global sales of antenna analyzers, transceiver interfaces, ARDF equipment and amateur radio software. Rig Expert donated 2 Model AA-55 Zoom antenna analyzers to the project. We appreciate the support of our corporate sponsors.

Our current fundraising campaign is underway; you may see the progress at our website. We appreciate the donations and equipment support we’ve already received. Our final payment for the Braveheart is due on September 1st. Please keep in mind, boat/tent/generator DX-peditions incur similar expenses whether or not you make a contact. Team members have booked their travel to meet the Braveheart at Mangareva, French Polynesia. This is not a VP6D project expense; each team member pays travel expenses from personal funds.
Financial transparency allows the major sponsors to better understand the costs associated with a DX-pedition and how we spend their money. Consistent with our previous DX-peditions, we will send club and foundation sponsors a VP6D financial summary.

We need your help to keep our DX-pedition team’s personal investment to a reasonable level. Please consider making a donation at:
Good luck to the KH1/KH7Z DX-pedition team, we’ll see you in the pile-ups.

Team Ducie – 2018

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